Good Exercise

Good Exercise is an anti-fascist gamic essay written in conversation with Umberto Eco’s ever-timely “Ur-Fascism.”

Yesterday, fascists marched through the streets of my city. The spark of rage that I felt quickly turned to grief, and then exhaustion. Many of them would likely resist the label of “fascist.” This is a failure of reflection, of recollection, of reading.

Eco helps us, because he was there. He lived it. Now, we live it all over again. We must read. We must remember. And we must learn to dodge bullets. It will be good exercise.

The text is in A5 zine format. Select booklet, two-sided to print.

Title font is Kalmansk by Simo Herold. Cover image is Meeting of the Antifaschistische Aktion, Germany, 1932.

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