One is not born, but rather becomes, a body.

Glitchspiel is a rules-free ttrpg zine in the free kriegsspiel style, expanding on my essay “Lovepunk” in the first issue of the FKR Collective’s zine In Play.

In this text, I deploy Glitch Feminism, Legacy Russell’s manifesto, as a game, using her remarkable words as tactics for a transformative, reparative cyberpunk that cuts against both the norms of cyberpunk as a genre and the constraints of tabletop roleplaying as a form.

The project successfully funded on Kickstarter on February 16 as part of Zine Quest 3, thanks to the generous support of 120 backers. I am also happy to report that because of the sucess of the campaign I was able to get additional copies printed, which can be purchased below.

Usurp the body. Become your avatar. Be the glitch.

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