Play to Lose

I’m quite pleased to have gotten this HTML Journal up and running, and enjoying the more relaxed format to what I usually write. Checking in at The Neon Kiosk once a day is a pleasant little routine.

I need to get around to writing up a Now page, and then I’m going to try and get Webmentions working and use them for my longer Notes. Maybe I’ll move to m15o’s HTML Blog format too, though it will take a bit of fussing the way the posts are currently setup with Jekyll/Liquid. I’ll likely make this a part of a larger project to migrate the site off GitHub.

Finished my conference presentation for Generation Analog today: “Play to Lose: Animation, Failure, and the Milieu in Trophy Dark.” In it, I discuss my experience facilitating tabletop roleplaying games, and specifically Jesse Ross’s Trophy Dark, for an undergraduate introduction to game design course at the university where I teach. Conference is online, and tickets are free, if an analog game studies conference sounds interesting to you.

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