Universal Design

I have been thinking about useability a lot of late, especially with respect to how people interface with abstract forms like knowledge or code, and the ways in which abstraction mediates use. Today in my ongoing study I learned about universal design, which got me thinking about design for games and the web beyond aspirations of useability. Universal design is a vision of useability or accessibility not as a reaction to a hostile environment, but as a foundational principle for any given environment we might create.

What initially pointed me in the direction of universal design was a link to a forthcoming book by Jennifer L. Pusateri, Transform Your Teaching with Universal Design for Learning. Whether or not this will be merely another pedagogical technology recuperated by institutional education is to be seen, but the underlying framework of universal design will likely remain of interest. To this end, I have converted the source document from NCSU that is linked above to markdown, and saved it to my /journal repository at Codeberg for permanent reference.

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