Become Mud

With Russia in apparent retreat from Ukraine, I was reminded of this Twitter thread by @leothotsky69420 from back in March: “become mud.” Responding to a thread on truck maintenance practices and mud season in Ukraine, they write: “become mud. mud is alive. mud says no to war and yes to new life, mud is earthseed.” They continue, citing @yung_lacanian: “The point of walking without rhythm is asignification, total synthesis with the milieu. Becoming Sand.” They also cite the dialogue between Zhuangzi and Huizi: “It is only when you know uselessness that you can understand anything about the useful.” Another tweet: “mud is counterlogistics and lying flat. mud is antiwork and pets the fish.” Pointing to David Graeber and David Wengrow: “were our ancestors’ minds trained by mud? are we more mud than we already know? mud as teacher, mud as family. mud as life, mud as death.” Mud is a form of destituent power: “make the distinctions muddy,” “make the ground soggy,” “turn lakes and parking lots into wetlands and estuaries, to spread complexity and biodiversity, to make our daily lives dependent on such a myriad of different relations and worlds and practices that our lives could never again be separated from their specific forms.” Finally, a transverse invocation of scripture: “the ground opens its mouth and swallows them up with all that belongs to them.”

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