Ideology Speaks Through Architecture

Hayes Geldmacher



“Space is perhaps represented most truthfully, and with the fewest barriers to expression, in videogames”

Inside demonstrates the depths of oppressive architectural language”

Gorogoa does the opposite by elevating space beyond the physical into the cosmic”

“While Inside’s spaces may feel empty and cruel, Gorogoa’s are intimate and packed with transcendental meaning”

Inside takes place in a bitter dystopia where a faceless young boy in a red shirt struggles against the inevitable end, and the hollow architectural sprawl conveys that ideology without a single word”

Gorogoa takes place at the center point of a spiritual crossroads where a faceless young boy in a red shirt becomes something more than they ever could have dreamed, and the flowing intimacy between each space reflects that”

Inside sprints and slides ever-downward, while Gorogoa carefully climbs a spiral staircase”

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