A Vocabulary for Junk

Rebecca Carlson




/depoˈniː/ noun. (German for ‘landfill, dumpsite’) To put down, to place, to hand over, to trash; or, to otherwise find some new purpose for.”


/ˈfʁɔʏ̯də/ noun. (German for ‘joy, delight, fun’) Like checking off lists and resolving comment boxes; turning things over; shredding, or shedding; one thing or state into another.”

“Bit rot.

It isn’t only something that gets done to us, but something that we do. What makes us think that these things deserve to last forever, anyway.”

“Trash and uselessness are related but not the same. Trash is problematic and needs to leave our ideological boundaries, useless things we still view in terms of former or potential use. They are not quite trash precisely because they are defined through their lack of use, which requires continuous evaluation not discarding from our thoughts”


/ˈzɔlbʁʊxˌʃtɛlə/ noun. (German for ‘predetermined breaking point’) Where the paper is supposed to tear; that dotted line along where things are meant to break, as if on purpose, or when needed; for machinery, as a functional or constructive dissecting, e.g. landing gear.”

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