Advent is a 200 word tabletop rpg originally written for and submitted to the 2019 200 Word RPG Challenge. Following on my longer game, umbral / rhizome, this game is another ludotheoretical text using philosophy as a vehicle for play, and play as a vehicle for philosophy.

Specifically, Advent uses the ideas of Alain Badiou to construct what I term a “microhistoriographical” playspace, which is to say, a place at the table wherein you can explore with others what it means for a truth to emerge in history, radically transforming the terms of the situation, the participants in the situation, and the prior narratives that overdetermined the situation.

Advent can be played at home or in the classroom. It can take twenty minutes or several hours to play. It is, at bottom, a framework for thought.

The pdf version contains one minor change, a specification of the word “it” to “the event.” The pdf version is still under 200 words, so I thought the change was appropriate. The uncorrected txt version is also included, which I originally submitted to the 200 Word RPG Challenge (which can be seen online here).

Further Reading:

  1. Alain Badiou, “Bodies, Languages, Truths

  2. Alain Badiou, Manifesto for Philosophy

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