Moonfall is a story game about conviction, consequence, and transformation. It is inspired by Moon Hunters by Kitfox Games, Shooting the Moon by Emily Care Boss, and Trophy by Jesse Ross, and hacks elements from each of these games. If you like Moonfall, please support these creators. Moonfall could not exist without their work.

The premise is simple: four warriors of the sun set out to kill the moon. Characterization and play are organized according to a system of traits, trials, and transformations. Progression occurs through dialogue and narration. There are no rolls for resolution.

The majority of this game was written on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the Stó:lō people. As a settler living and working on this land, writing a game about conviction, consequence, and transformation, it is my responsibility to acknowledge this claim and add my voice to the work of decolonization.

Moonfall flows from the ideas in my Affinity plugin and, as such, honours the principles of the DREAM movement. Moonfall is staunchly opposed to hate, prejudice, and harassment of all forms.

Cover image credit to Dave Young on flickr.

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