Lost Scriptures

Lost Scriptures is a Zine Quest 2 project, successfully funded on March 11 by 116 wonderful backers.

Lost Scriptures is a tabletop roleplaying zine of story, of theory, and of faith. This means that Lost Scriptures is, in another sense, a game about commitment: to narrative, to thought, and to belief.

I am a game designer, a games scholar, and a person with deep religious roots. This game is an attempt to bring these disparate modes of being into what the philosopher Isabelle Stengers calls a “metamorphic relation,” a relationship wherein each member consents to its transformation through its relationship to each other.

Too often the stories of our games come without theory or critical apparatus. Too often our theory comes without the risk of belief. And too often our belief comes without the means of historical enaction, the tools for its realization. Lost Scriptures is an exercise in a remedy, a work of reclamation and reparation.

In anticipation of Zine Quest 3, Lost Scriptures is now available for free here.

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